Text Box: The strategy to making this philosophy work is to limit yourself to ten minutes, period.  Do NOT try to complete all twelve items.  Pick one and commit to completing only that one.   If you have time remaining after that one item is completed, choose another of shorter duration.

Remember you're not trying to clean the whole house or even the whole family room.  You're just trying to complete one task at a time.  Don't lose sight of that focus!

Text Box: There's a lot you can get done is just ten minutes.  This month we'll cover what you can accomplish in any bathroom.

1) Wipe down the sink. 
2) Wipe down the counters.
3) Clean the mirror.
4) Empty the trash.
5) Dust.
6) Vacuum the floor.
7) Wipe out the bathtub.
8) Clean the shower doors.
9) Clean the toilet.  
10) Mop the floor.
11) Clean the baseboards12) Clear cobwebs from the ceiling, floors and corners.
Text Box: Ten Minutes to Tidy– 
The bathroom
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Clarksville Parents of Multiples


is a non profit group whose purpose is to provide support for multiple births by exchange of ideas, experiences, resources, research and education.


Membership is open to any parent, grandparent, legal guardian or expectant parent of a multiple birth




President—Marla Gillespie



Vice President—Kelley Corley



Meetings every 2nd Thursday of the Month at Hilldale United Methodist on Madison Street across from Chik-Fil-A at 6:30 pm.


Next Meeting February 9, 2006.  Please come and join us.