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Text Box: 17th.  Yes, we have probably run reminding you of this into the ground, but this is a huge fundraising opportunity for the group and for yourself.  Don’t miss this chance to get rid of that clutter in your home.  If you haven’t already, contact Kelley Corley and get your seller number.

We are also planning an Easter Egg Hunt sometime in April.  Date and time have not been determined yet but it will be held at Kelley Corley’s house.  This one of 3-4 major family event’s the club does each year.  Bring the family and enjoy spending with families that share the same multiple experiences as you.  

We look forward to seeing everyone at these upcoming events.  

Text Box: As the next few months approach us, we can retire those cozy winter pajama’s and slowly start gearing ourselves into the warm weather that is coming.  The best way to do this is to come join us for one of our fun upcoming activities.  

On January 30 at 6:30, the group will be meeting at The Pottery Room on Madison Street for Mom’s Night Out.  Attendees will need to bring a finger food type snack.  The group will have a little bit to eat and chat, then start painting away on their chosen piece of ceramic.  If you have never been there before this is quite fun.  After you are done painting your piece, you leave it there and they will coat and fire it so you will have the piece to cherish forever.  

On February 28 at 6:30, the group has scheduled another Mom’s Night Out, this time meeting at the Longhorn Steakhouse.  Everyone will enjoy a little dinner and conversation while someone else gets to take care of the kids.  
The Consignment Sale is March 16-Text Box: February Birthdays

A big huge Happy Birthday goes out to all the following folks.  (I think we are going to start leaving this section to the kids.  We don’t have all the info on everyone’s birthdays as far as parents, and I don’t want anyone to feel left out.)


Tyler and Tanner Bowers—1st Birthday—2/9


Mario Chavez-Rivas Jr– 13 years old—2/1


Michael and Marcus Johnston– 1st Birthday—2/15


WOW!!  Thanks to everyone who brought items to contribute to the care packages we sent to Iraq.  What started as a plan for 5-6 boxes turned into more than 20 boxes!  I had a lot of fun with it and I hope we will be able to do it again in a few months. 


We have already started planning for the spring sale in March.  If you are interested in selling Kelley Corley will get you all the details.  If you aren't able to sell this time and have racks that you will be willing to loan to other club members please post a note to the board when you have a moment.  As always we appreciate everyone passing out the invitations for the Friday night pre-sale.  The majority of our sales the past few sales have been on Friday night, so those invites do work!!


I hope everyone will be able to participate in some of the Mom's nights out and other activities that we have coming up.  If you have suggestions for the monthly meetings or outtings for the club please let us know- we're always looking for new ideas.


Don't forget it's never to early to start tagging!! ;)   Marla

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