Text Box: My name is Shannan Angel and I am originally from Marietta, GA (near Atlanta). My husband, Fernando, and I met in high school in 1999 and started dating, my junior year, his senior year. He joined the military right after graduation, in 2000, and was stationed at Fort Benning, GA during my senior year of high school and freshman year of college. We got married June 29, 2002 and 2 weeks after the wedding he left for Korea for a year! I lived with my mom during this time and continued going to school and working. He came back July 2003 and we moved to Fort Campbell. We found out at the end of August that we were pregnant. We weren't planning to have a child that soon but I guess that's what happens when your husband's been gone for a year hehe. We went for our first ultrasound in December, when I was 5 months pregnant and found out we were having identical twin girls. We were terrified, but also really excited. I felt the girls kick for the first time Christmas Eve! By my 6th month, I was going to Blanchfield once a week and Vanderbilt once a week for ultrasounds because the girls were mono/mono (in the same sac with no membranes in-between) and their umbilical cords were so entangled. I had a scheduled C-section planned at Vanderbilt for March 15, but I didn't make it to the 15th. March 1st I went to Blanchfield for a check-up and the Dr noticed that one of the heart rates was dropping. They monitored me about an hour and decided to do an emergency c-section! I called Fernando at work and he came up to the Text Box: hospital and 3 hours after my appointment the girls were born. I stayed in the hospital only 1 night but the girls were stabilized and sent to Vandy, where they stayed for 2 months. They were born at 32 weeks and Kelli was 3 lb 6 oz and Emily was 3 lb 14 oz. They had apnea/bradycardia really bad and I got scared every time the monitors would go off. Luckily we did not have to bring them home on monitors and they have done well ever since! I love having twins and I love being a part of this group! I know I haven't been a huge part and hardly ever make it to the meetings, but I enjoy talking to everyone online and getting together when we are able to. Having multiples is amazing and I love each and every day!!!
Text Box: Meet a Member—Shannan Angel

Meet a Member–

 Shannan Angel




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