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  Helpful Information for Parents of Multiples


                Welcome to the wonderful world of multiples!  Parents of multiple births face many issues that differ from those of singletons.

                Parents of multiples are often not certain where to start or what to expect.  This info is intended to provide helpful information about multiples.  Please remember that you should always consult with your health care provider about specific health related issues.



·          You may have to stop work earlier than expected and be advised to stay close to home.

·          Expectant mothers of multiples are often put on bed rest.

·          Multiples have a tendency to arrive premature, about half of all twins arrive before the end of the 37th week.

·          Plan to take childbirth classes between the 4th and 6th month.

·          Ask about special classes for multiples.  You should also have a good idea of what equipment and clothing you will need by this time.

·          Ask your doctor about additional vitamins and minerals.


·          A hospital grade breast pump may be vital for expressing and storing milk until babies can latch on and are strong enough to nurse.

·          Many insurance policies will cover a breast pump rental.

·          Once nursing is established, we recommend learning to position both babies for nursing at the same time.

·          Try a double nursing pillow.  It helps to nurse both babies at once, hands free!

At Home:

·          Plan to have help when the babies arrive at home.

·          Schedules or routines are important.  Diaper, feed, and bathe at the same time whenever possible.

·          Establish priorities.  Feed, Sleep, Bathe.

·          Try to rest while the babies sleep.

·          Most babies can sleep comfortably in the same bed for the first several months or longer.

·          You should purchase diapers, wipes, and other supplies in large quantities.

·          Treat each baby as an individual.

·          Take photo’s of each baby.  Write his/her name on the back.

·          Color-coding is helpful when choosing baby clothes, bottles, and pacifiers.

·          Accept help from family and friends.

·          Delegate chores and assign tasks to those who offer.

Help from Family and Friends:

Help from friends and family is a blessing.  Here is a list of some things you can do to help:  Bring food, change babies, let you take a nap, a shower, or go for a walk, do laundry or dishes, vacuum or pick up, prepare lunch or dinner, pick up groceries or run errands.

Mother the mother!  Help with household chores rather than take over care of the babies.

Remember she needs extra help for the first year, not just the first few months.

Premature infants are more prone to illness.  Remember to wash your hands frequently.  Keep your distance if you are ill.  Take extra care with other children around the babies.

Offer encouragement!  Multiples can be very overwhelming.

Leaving Home:

·          Take a walk or a trip to thwart cabin fever.

·          Never leave home without a stroller.  Especially when driving alone.

·          When purchasing a stroller, consider where you will be using it most.

·          Talk with other multiple mothers about useful equipment.

·          Stroller options are side-by-side, front to back (tandem), and jogging.  Side-by-sides are often lighter but wide.  Alignment can be difficult on some front to back models as well as attaching two single strollers.  Jogging and Front to Back can sometimes be very heavy.

·          Be prepared for the curiosity you will generate when taking your new multiples out.